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After Tooth Removal

After a tooth extraction you will require some post-operative care to reduce the chance of infection or other complications. Immediately after surgery.  A gauze pad will be placed over the extraction site and your bite pressure will minimize bleeding and swelling.  This gauze should not be removed for at least 20 minutes, and discard and replace with another gauze. .  Additional gauze will be given to you and continue to replace the gauze until the area has mostly stopped bleeding.  

We ask that you refrain for the next 7 days:

1. Drinking from a straw

2. Vigorous rinsing or spitting

3. Avoid cigarette smoking

4. Avoid alcoholic beverages

5. Rubbing your tongue in surgical area

6. Limit your physical activites/exercise for 7 days

7. Avoid 'Aspirin', 'Ibuprofen', 'Advil' as these painkillers will cause prolonged bleeding

If you do any of these things, you may lose the natural blood clot that forms over the surgical site and lead to a painful bone infection that only time can heal.  

We ask that you do the following:

1. Take the prescribed painkiller and antibiotic immediately.  

2. If you do not have pain after the anesthetic wears off, you do not need to take the remaining painkillers.

3. Finish the prescribed antibiotics even if things feel well.  We want to mimimize the chance of a postoperative infection.

4. Place ice or cold compress in over face of surgical area for 30 minutes and off for 30 minutes.  Repeat for the next 48 hours if necessary to limit swelling

5.  If it is after office hours, and you continue to have excessive bleeding or swelling, difficulty in breathing, fever, dizziness, or any other worrisome symptoms, please admit yourself to the nearest Hospital.