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Kid's Teeth

Our Patient's love their kids, and we love having them in our office!  Here are some frequently asked questions:

When should I bring my children in for their first visit?

We usually recommend age 3.  It takes 2 years for most kids teeth to erupt and then we give them a year to mature so that they can handle being in a dentist chair.  However, if you notice dark spots, swellings, bad breath, or anything that just doesn't look right, then call us before then.

How many teeth should kids have by age 2?


What should we do with my child's crooked teeth?

Most children will not require to see an orthodontist for braces until most or all of their baby teeth have been replaced by their adult teeth.  Dependent on the child's situation, we may recommend them to see the orthodontis earlier.  That is why it is critical to have the kids in regularly.

What foods should I avoid so kids don't get cavities?

Calgary no longer has Fluoride in the drinking water.  As a result, we are seeing more cavities in all patients but especially children.  Children's teeth have thinner enamel and more prone to decay than adult teeth.  Please avoid or minimize sugary or acidic foods and beverages.  Dilute all their sweet beverages including fruit juice.  Stress good brushing and flossing as most children cannot floss without parental help till age 11.

l  What toothpaste should kids use?

Anything with Fluoride in it and a flavor that they like.  Make sure they don't eat it like candy though as they could get sick.

What happens when my child loses a back tooth too early?

If a baby back tooth is lost, it is vital we use a SPACE MAINTAINER which is a dental device we cement onto the adjacent tooth to hold the teeth apart.  If we do not, the adjacent teeth will tip into the space left by the lost tooth, and the adult tooth that was to replace the missing tooth will be trapped.  This will require very expensive orthodontics and painful surgery to correct.

What happens if my child is too young or misbehaves and yet still require dental treatments?

If a child is too young to understand, or does not behave appropriately, we will refer them to a Pedodontist.  They will likely have to sedate them and get their dental treatments done while they are asleep.  Our office is known for our gentle approach to all our patients, so please don't ask us to hold down the kids as we will not.  Your kid's dental experience is important so that they don't develop a fear for dentist which will negatively affect their overall health for the rest of their lives.

If you have any further questions, please call our office for an appointment!